Monday, March 27, 2006

Latest Reads - Vimanarama, Seven Soldiers

Latest things i've read -

Vimanarama by Grant Morrison & Phillip Bond
Seven Soldiers of Victory Volume 1 by Grant Morrison and various.

First, a word about impartial reviewing...... don't expect any when you hear me talk about Grant Morrison.

My favourite series ...... Invisibles
My favourite comic.....St Swithin's Day

I've loved Grant Morrison since reading Zenith, then Animal Man and Doom Patrol in my formative years.

So any Grant Morrison book is worth a look in my view. Not that he's perfect, just better than 90% of what's out there.

Vimanarama - really great book. Very reminiscent of Kill Your Boyfriend i anyone remembers that one? Phillip Bond is perfect for this sort of book, playful artwork for a fun, weird sort of book.

7 Soldiers is another thing. Morrison's take on multi-part big storyline superheroes, typically slightly offbeat. But as good as it is (and it has moments of sheer class - Zatanna particularly) it suffers greatly from it's presentation. Definitely one to read in one go - all 4 or 5 volumes of it in one long sitting.

But both books are really great and highly recommended

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