Monday, March 27, 2006

Propaganda Piece - The Authority

PROPAGANDA PIECE (written when we were going to do a regular N&C newsletter with staff columns)

There's a new role playing game out based on the DC comic The Authority.

You remember the Authority - it's the book DC heavily censored and essentially destroyed when they got wind of the Apollo & Midnighter gay relationship (a little too close to the old Batman / Superman idea).

So one can only really speculate on the gameplay involved here:
You are the Midnighter; roll double six to rescue the world by kicking the heads clean off the invading aliens, roll double three to stay in bed for another session of steamy man fun with Apollo?
I'd buy it. But I can see the homophobic morons at Warner Bros. having a breakdown now.

Still, you couldn't do better than to go and pick up the first 2 Authority book; Relentless and Under New Management to see first Warren Ellis and then Mark Millar redefine the concept of widescreen superheroes. After those first two volumes, just don't bother. Just pretend it finished after 2 volumes, it's better that way.

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