Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Random Thoughts


McDonalds is suffering it seems from the poor financial climate and has to close restaurants. Personally, I think this is a terrible shame. Where will the people of Smith's Wood find work now? There's only a certain number of meaningless, imbecile proof jobs out there and there's an awful lot of stupid people who need to fill them.

I have no sympathy with McDonalds at all. Horrible corporation with no respect for people or the environment. Remember this is the corporation that started out in India years ago still frying their chips in beef fat. India. Beef Fat? I know Americans are stupid enough to make that mistake but surely as a multi-national there was someone foreign on staff to point out this incredibly stupid cock up.

New music.

Having just cleared a backlog of video watching - I've come up for air after watching the NME awards for this year.
God help us all if that's the best of the new music.
I must be getting old because it all sounds bloody familiar to me and i never really liked it that much the first time round.

Dear NME. You're meant to be the cutting edge of music and your awards show is meant to reflect this. So why, oh why do you get that absolute twat - Russell Brand to present.
Please, please explain how a talentless fuckwit like that get onto our screens. Is that the level of comedy we aspire to now?
Pete Doherty's just a washed out junkie joke & the other one out of the Libertines has a new band out that sound like a bad Levellers. (& that's from someone who liked the bloody Levellers)

The New Streets single.
This is more like it
Now, unlike the rest of you people, I'm a fan of Mike Skinner, I even went so far as describing the last cd as poetry.
The new single's getting a lot o airplay at the moment and I can't work out whether it's wonderful and playful or it's just riffing off fog on the fucking tyne. Time may tell. I'll still buy the album though.

The Royal National Opera....
They received in excess of £100 million over something like 10 years.
I don't object to giving money to the arts. Hell, I love the idea of giving money to the arts.
But why does the opera need this much bloody money?
Surely if any artform has enough bloody money, it's opera. How many poor people do you see at the opera? Why do they need the bloody money. Have you see the cost of the tickets? In fact have you seen the cost of the bar?
How much money can you pay a fat women in a tent that means you're not making a bloody profit?

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