Wednesday, May 31, 2006

World Cup 2006 England 3 - Hungary 1 (9 days 16 hrs to go)

Very tired
Headache that feels very much like something small and evil is pogoing just behind my eyes
Must get to bed.

But before I go ...

It wasn't great but it was good enough for a start.
Owen looks slow and unfit (never mind completely unsuited to playing as a lone forward)
Gerrard did okay as second striker.
Beckham still puts some of the most wonderful crosses in. The two for the goals were just divine.
Crouch looks better each time I see him - well, obviously not literally, he still looks like a 7 foot mega-geek with acne and a permanent "punch me I'm stoopid" look on his face.
Walcott looks very fast but once he actually gets the ball it doesn't look like he really knows what to do with it.
Neither Carragher nor Hargreaves looked great as holding midfielders. Carraghers too defensive and once he has the ball, doesn't think to put it forward. Hargreaves just looked lost.
Maybe Carrick will get a go. Sven's pretty much tried everyone else in the role after all.

Overall, not exactly reassured. Beginning to think we should play Crouch from the start with Gerrard up front against Paraguay.

Roll on Saturday & the next friendly against Jamaica.

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