Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup 2006 England 2 Sweden 2

Oh bloody hell.
It was all looking so good at half time.

Despite Michael Owen booking an early morning call with the doctor, it always seemed comfortable and only a matter of time before we scored. There seemed to be good English play all over.
Joe Cole & Ashley Cole looked fantastic going down the left hand side.
Owen Hargreaves did the job well,
Rooney looks unfit but even unfit he's still worth playing, even if only for 60 minutes.
(& wasn't that the funniest thing, watching poor little Wayne having a strop on the sideline when Uncle Sven called him in for his tea)

The came the goal and it just got better and better. Joe Cole must be in line for goal of the tournament with that one.
It even seemed to stir an uncharacteristically rubbish Frank Lampard into action. That's how good it was.

If only we could have stopped then . But we made the classic mistake. We came out for the second half.
Bloody horrible.
First half, we could win it, second half we'll get embarrassed by anyone after Ecuador.

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  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I admire your confidence that we won't get stuffed by Ecuador...just spoke to Stu who wants July 1st off cos England are playing that day - well keep the faith...I just want to know what sort of talk Sven gives them at half time to make them a different team. And as for that second goal...never has so much swearing been aimed at a bunch of overpaid sportsmen...oh well, another 90 mins of frustration to look forward to on Sunday.
    From Dave and his new toy