Saturday, June 03, 2006

World Cup 2006 England 6 Jamaica 0 (5 days 18 hours to go)

6-0. Gosh.
Good result really. Obviously I know it was against pretty poor opposition, but look at the good points:
  • Although Crouch is never going to be the best striker in the world, he certainly manages to create chances just by being there.
  • Owen is nowhere near fit, but he's a damn site better than he was last game.
  • Beckham's on form.
  • The defense looks great - I understand that Neville, Cole & Terry will all be okay for Saturday's match against Paraguay. Which is good, but you must feel slightly sorry for Carragher because Neville is bound to take his place.
  • Louise is on to win the bet she put on for Lampard to be the first England scorer.

So, pretty good. Roll on Paraguay. Come on England

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