Friday, June 02, 2006

Young Marble Giants - Final Day

Colossal Youth (Amazon Link)

Young Marble Giants.
Wonderful band. Only really did one album's worth of material.
But what an album. Minimal and beautiful.

And never more so than with their finest track: The Final Day.
This is of those tracks I heard way, way back and promptly filed away to look into at some point. But over the years, two things happened, it became completely ingrained on my music memory & I never got round to getting it.
But I have now.

Young Marble Giants - Final Day
When the rich die last
Like the rabbits
Running from a lucky past
Full of shadow cunning
And the world lights up
For the final day
We will all be poor
Having had our say
Put a blanket up on the window pane
When the baby cries lullaby again
As the light goes out on the final day
For the people who never had a say
There is so much noise
There is too much heat
And the living floor
Throws you off your feet
As the final day falls into the night
There is peace outsideIn the narrow light

YMG Wikipedia entry here,
final day mp3 here. Just right click and click "save as".
You really should hear it, it's quite wonderful.

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  1. Hi Richard

    Cheers for paying my site a visit. Enjoyed having a read of yours too - linkage forthcoming.

    As a Young Marble Giants fan, you might be interested in one of the contributions we've got for the A-Z Of Music feature on The Art Of Noise, which will be appearing in a couple of weeks' time...