Friday, July 07, 2006

Maria's Wedding by DeFilippis, Weir & Garibaldi

"Few events exude as much joy, happiness & hope as a wedding" is how the piece on the back cover begins, & few books exude as much joy, happiness & hope as Maria’s Wedding.

This book tells the tale of a large Italian-American family; the Pirellis. Their weddings are all about tradition & celebrating the family. But the last wedding; of Joseph Pirelli & Matthew threw tradition out & drew battle-lines between two sides of the family. Unfortunately it’s only now at Maria Pirelli’s wedding that the tension is coming to the fore.

If all this sounds far too soap opera, fear not. The writers take a potential saccharin sweet tale & make a piece of loveliness out of it.

And if you wonder how to tell all these people apart, Jose Garibaldi; the fine artist behind this tale, has given us a crib list at the front & gives each character a unique visual quirk. A small touch but it helps so very much.

Maria’s Wedding is a sweet, easy to read romantic comedy, perhaps the world’s favourite genre. Yet it’s a precious rarity in comics. Cherish it.

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