Thursday, July 13, 2006

Old Friends & the great Softball Idea part 1

Louise told me that she'd been in touch with my dear, dear friend Deb the other day.
Deb was / is one of my greatest friends.
Hopefully she wont mind me embarrassing us both like this. I've known her longer than many of my friends and she's always been nothing short of wonderful.
She was always the first person I'd get in touch with to share details of whatever disaster my love life had provided. She always helped and never once gave me the good slap I probably deserved. Many great hours were spent in her company at various dodgy places in Dudley and Birmingham.

It reminded me that I am a terrible friend and haven't been in touch with many people for ages.
(This is the point when Louise leans over my shoulder and tells me I should just ring her instead of pissing about like this)
Hi Deb anyway! We shall meet up soon.
& I still need the photos you have of me. How am I possibly going to convince Molly I once looked that bad without photographic proof.

So I have come up with a plan.

It is the summer holiday soon.
I propose we re-establish an old Nostalgia & Comics tradition of going down to Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham to play softball.
It was something we did for many years after work on a Monday night and it was extremely popular at one time.
Hell, we were even pretty good as well.

Although I imagine we must have scared the shit out of some people in the park - imagine it - it's dusk, sun setting over the Midlands Arts Centre. You are sitting in the bar watching the sun go down. Suddenly a bunch of strange looking people, wearing dodgy t-shirts, assorted cut off jeans, covered in sand, dust and dirt wander into view brandishing baseball bats.

I want to have a few Sunday afternoons of fun and softball again.
Although most of the time will probably be spent moaning about how we're all getting old.
So if you know anyone who used to play get in touch and pass on contact details. Or if you fancy coming down, watch this space.

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