Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday night in. Must be the series finale of Dr Who.

Only a quick post tonight. Tired & need bath and bed.

Did a very long, hard day at Nostalgia & Comics today and then rushed home to sit with Louise and Molly to watch the season end of Dr Who. We were all perched there at 7 o'clock with a real sense of anticipation and excitement.

(Don't worry if you haven't seen it, I'll not give anything away)

Good wasn't it?

Daleks v Cybermen. Very cool. Answering the important questions you've had since childhood: Who would win a fight between the two.
The Early scary bits had Molly hiding behind me and then jumping up and down with excitement.
And the ending.
Not a dry eye in the house. I looked across the sofa at one bit and Louise was in floods of tears and Molly was cuddling into my chest weeping. So I was comforting her with one arm whilst wiping away tears with the other.

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