Monday, July 10, 2006

Warren Ellis on Superman's shocking $250m budget.

While we were at the pictures yesterday we noticed the huge line queueing up for a movie.
"Must be either Pirates of the Caribean 2 or Superman" says Louise.
I thought of this as I was reading the latest e-mail from Warren Ellis.
Obviously it was a queue for Pirates.......

"But it could be worse. I could be
working at Warner Bros today.
SUPERMAN RETURNS conservatively
cost $250 million to make. Probably
the same again to promote. It
took $21M this weekend, eaten
alive by PIRATES. The studio gets
about half the box office takings.
In America, WB's cumulative slice
of SR's takings amount to around

Is it conceivable that something
that took fifty-odd million in its
first weekend could be a flop?

I said of KING KONG that for that
film's budget, I could grow my own
giant fucking monkey.

$250 million puts you in spacelaunch-
budget territory. For $250 million
WB could've given Bryan Singer his
own communications satellite and
spent the change on a George
Clooney movie. Or two Wes
Anderson movies. It's an astonishing
volume of cash that, at this stage,
they don't have a prayer of making
back worldwide or on DVD.

This is the absurdity of modern
Hollywood; that taking more than
the GNP of Luxembourg in a single
weekend is not actually enough to
put a movie in the black.

It's no wonder that everyone I meet
these days wants to work in TV."

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