Friday, August 04, 2006

Anglesey Holiday - Day 0 - Sun 23rd July

In case you've all been wondering why there have been no posts for the last week and a bit, we've been away from Bruton mansions on our holidays.

While we were away I was blogging on the Palmtop but decided not to bother e-mailing it to the blog. Far easier to just blog it when I got back.
Of course the plan was to blog a little bit whenever we found an internet cafe.
But those really don't seem to exist in North Wales, so it's all had to wait until now.

Everything from this point on was written on holiday, hence the slightly strange present tense for writing about stuff that occurred days ago.

Louise's sister and brother-in-law own a bungalow in Anglesey so we've been there enjoying the summer in Wales.

Anglesey is the island that sticks out from the top left bit of Wales. It's main feature is that thousands of Irish people pass through it to go home via Holyhead to get a pint of Guinness that tastes like someone hasn't shat in the casks.

We're packing our bags and getting everything ready for the holiday and Molly decides that she wants to take her 2 cuddly dogs, her cuddly Peter Pan & Charlie Bear (giant bear that never leaves the end of Molly's bed).
Then she throws Bug downstairs.
Bug is a giant cuddly ladybird bought for Molly's first birthday by Louise's dad Bert.
Molly has decided Bug needs to come to Anglesey with us because the last time we were there we were with Bert.
It was his last holiday and he had a fantastic time.
Bless my daughter.

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