Saturday, August 05, 2006

Anglesey Holiday - Day 2 - Supplemental Rant - Welsh TV

One thing that I've always found slightly strange about holidays since we had Molly is the fact that from about 8pm you're effectively trapped inside the holiday cottage so Molly can go to bed.

Which means all we can do is sit and relax. Which is of course nice.

But it does mean I have to suffer the delights of Welsh TV.

Channel 4 doesn't exist here - it's S4C.
S4C is pretty much the same as Channel 4 for most of the day except for the prime time viewing between 7 and 11 where they decide to put out 4 hours of shit Welsh programming.
Having the news in Welsh is fair enough, but when they then continue to put a Welsh language soap on with the sort of production values that would make Crossroads look classy you realise you're in trouble.

Then of course, after 11 they put on the programmes that Channel 4 have put on at primetime.
It's no wonder that the Welsh walk around in such bad moods, they're all bloody exhausted after staying up late to watch the programmes they actually want to watch rather than some Welsh am-dram soap or documentary about sheep farming.

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