Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Molly part 2

After tiptoe-ing to bed last night at 2:30am to gently deposit one present on the end of her bed as she requested, it came a a bit of a shock to be woken up at 4am by her excited shouts after she got up to go to the toilet.
Have you ever tried to put an excited 7 year old to bed at 4am when she's already sneaked a look into the lounge and seen the rest of her presents?
I wouldn't recommend it.

Anyway, after two and a half hours of trying to convince her that she needed the sleep we frankly gave up.
So at half past six this morning, with barely 3 hours of unbroken sleep, we were opening birthday presents.
Very tired now.
But had a lovely day.
With a lovely daughter.
Happy Birthday Molly.

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