Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Molly's favourite TV show has been LazyTown (link, wiki)for some time now.

It's a decidedly strange TV show. The creator of the show Magnus Scheving (who also plays Sportacus, the bizarrely moustached blue thing in the picture above) is an athlete, entertainer and writer in his native Iceland. What started out as a book and a lifestyle philosophy for kids, advocating healthy eating and exercise, has turned into a hugely successful TV show.

Now, aside from the continual re-enforcement of the healthy eating messadge which can get a little wearing after a while and the slightly dubious Stephanie - Sportacus dynamic going on, LazyTown is great fun.
It's also completely insane.
Like all great children's TV shows there's something distinctly strange and surreal about it. But LazyTown takes it to an all time high. The program is all about being healthy, being energetic and having fun, sweets are bad, fruit is "sports-candy" and most of the characters whizz around like budgies on speed. The three main characters include Sportacus - the super-fit superhero, dressed in blue, dodgy moustache, bizarre accent. Bear in mind this is a US series - how weird is it to hear an Icelandic accent from the main character? Stephanie - pink hair (I'm guessing it's not her own), high pitched singing, meant to be 8, obviously isn't, hence the slightly dubious nature of the Stephanie / Sportacus dynamic.* And finally Robbie Rotten - the villain of the piece, committed to promoting laziness and lethargy at all times. Strangely enough Robbie tries to accomplish this by being hyperactive, constantly plotting, tricking, dancing, jumping and generally not being very lazy at all.

One of the main things that Molly latched onto are the funky, ridiculously infectious euro-disco songs. So for Molly's birthday we got her the Lazytown cd featuring songs from the show. It's been on heavy rotation in the car every day so far and it's a firm family favourite. One of those cds where we all end up singing along and having a great time.

So if you happen to pull up alongside us at lights don't be surprised to see us doing all the actions to such classics as Spooky Song, Cooking by the Book or current fave Lazy Scouts. (click on the links for samples of the sort of infectious euro-beat nonsense we've been listening to for days).
It's utter trash, but it's pretty good utter trash. Or is it just that my brains have been leaking out of my ears after hours of this stuff?

* The whole Sportacus / Stephanie dynamic is very strange, but Sportacus is obviously not alone. I know of at least one dad (you know who you are) who can't watch LazyTown because he just looking at Stephanie on screen slightly uncomfortable.

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