Saturday, August 19, 2006

Louise's Birthday.

Today was Louise's birthday.
No, you don't get to find out how old she is.............. that would be rude.
And we've had a lovely day.

Of course, being a Saturday, we still had to get up far to early to take Molly for her 8am swimming lesson. But after that the day was ours to relax and enjoy.

Presents included a couple of Peter Kay dvds, Pride & Predjudice and jewellery.
But as usual, no matter what I got, it was outshone by Molly's presents.
Pictured above are the special picture frame now attached to our fridge and the specially painted glass plant pot.We spent a couple of frantic mornings before King's Camp last week getting the painting done. You can't really see, but the four sides are:
"Happy Birthday Mommy"
"Love you mommy"
"Love Molly"
and a lovely picture of the sun.
Perfect present.

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