Monday, August 28, 2006

The things people will complain about....

As some of you may know, I'm the rather reluctant volunteer director of our local Estate management Company. This came about pretty much by default since Louise and I were the only really interested residents on the estate a while ago and when one of the previous directors left I was rather pressured into stepping in.

First a quick potted history, then the weirdest complaint I've heard so far......

We live in a lovely bit of inner city Birmingham. Our road was redeveloped in the 80s, to preserve the 1890 Victorian 3 storey and 2 storey terraces. We have a management company that looks after the estate and the communal areas (car parks, alleyways, paths etc.) For this we charge an annual fee. Recently we've done loads of work, redeveloping car parks, hiring gardeners and estate cleaners, new signs, new gates and lots more.
The estate's in better shape now than it has been at any point since we moved in.

But does this matter to certain residents?
Does it hell.

Our Managing Agents (they that collect the fees and do the administration stuff) received a complaint from a resident (we shall call them Resident X) this week.
It appears that a resident (we shall call them Resident Y) opposite keeps their windows open and Resident X can hear certain noises "coming from the bedroom" as the managing agent managed to put it so delightfully to me.
Resident X wants me, as a Director, to talk to Resident Y.

& say what exactly?
I've instructed our managing agents to politely refuse and tell resident X to get in touch with Environmental Services to file a noise complaint if it bothers them that much.
I didn't sign up for this shit

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