Saturday, September 23, 2006

THE BIG NEWS IS..... We're moving to Yorkshire

After what seems like weeks of almost deliberately not blogging about it, we can at last come clean.

All the fuss, all the stress of the last few weeks is all because we're moving house, relocating completely sometime in October or November.

Bruton mansions v1.0 will give way to Bruton mansions v2.0
Birmingham gives way to Yorkshire as we finally put into effect what we've always said we should do. For many years we've been talking wistfully about how nice it would be to move to Yorkshire, a place that has, over the years, become like a second home to us, somewhere to escape the city, a peaceful, calming place.
This summer we finally realised that we could talk about it forever or we could actually do something about it.
So we did something about it.

We're moving house.
Moving to Pocklington, Yorkshire. This lovely little Wolds town about 13 miles east of York.

It's been something that we've been thinking about for a long time and wanted to do before Molly got too old and we became too ancient to appreciate it all.
Hopefully it's all going ahead very quickly.
More soon

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