Wednesday, September 06, 2006

School, the story continues........

Well it's three days into the new term and it feels like I haven't had a holiday for months. It usually takes at least a week for me to feel that way.

After just three days, and only two with the kids in school, the technician team is already soooo behind. When I left this afternoon to pick Molly up, we still had a couple of big practicals to set up for Thursday afternoon, the technician / administrator had a photocopying and to do list that starts somewhere in the prep room and ends on the school field and we're all compiling to-do lists that have about as much chance of getting done as I have of meeting God in a pub tomorrow night. (See - the gag there is that I'm not going out tomorrow so even if he is on the piss, he'll have to do it alone)

Anyway, the sum total of all this workload mounting up is that I can confidently predict we'll go tits up on Tuesday. This will be the day we have to just stop doing practicals for the day and skip onto the next day to get ahead.

The only question in my mind now is whether this will happen weekly or every two weeks.
One interesting side effect I've noticed in this is that I'm superbly relaxed at work and have been cultivating a serene calmness that I just wish I could replicate in other parts of my life. Because I know there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop the coming apocalypse in the prep room I'm simple not bothered by it. It's even fun really in a bizarre way.

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