Monday, September 25, 2006

The Yorkshire Move Part 4 - Back to Yorkshire....

With all hope seemingly lost, no school for Molly, no house and Louise having to turn the job down we were really demoralised.
But the job wasn't finished with Louise yet. Reading between the lines we reckoned that the boss had just told Louise that the job was still open for her if she wanted it, all we had to do was get a move on and come up with a house and a school in the next couple of weeks.
Is that all.
Bloody hell, there's no way on earth were going to get the school sorted and a house bought in less than three weeks we thought.

In the end it took us 7 days.

After phoning the company on the Monday and getting this lifeline we immediately made plans to go and see schools on the Friday, booked some house viewings for Friday & Saturday and booked a hotel to stay in overnight.

Friday morning we're off to York again.

How's this for a schedule of moving house......

Day 1 - find school for Molly
Day 2- find dream house
Day 3 - rest
Day 4 - Louise's new job confirmed
Day 5 - arrange new mortgage allowing us to buy dream house without having to sell ours first, put offer in on house and get it accepted.
Day 6 -arrange Solicitors

Not bad eh?

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