Friday, November 03, 2006

Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman - Anansi Boys (Amazon Link)

I’m a sucker for Neil Gaiman, having read many of his comics and getting the general impression from websites and anecdotal evidence I have the feeling he’s a really nice bloke.
The first prose book of his I read was Good Omens, the one with Terry Pratchett. And it was funny and entertaining and fun.

Then, a couple of years ago I picked up American Gods. And it wasn’t my thing at all, just couldn’t get into it.

Then I decided a few months back, to pick up a copy of Anansi Boys – it was on offer at amazon and I needed to spend £3+ to qualify for free delivery. (I wonder how often we all end up buying something like that, just to get to that magical super saver cut off point?)

Just finished it after a couple of days of light reading. It's good, but nothing wonderful. (God knows what the reviewers on amazon were reading, but they certainly found something here that I didn't get. It's lightweight, fun and an easy read, but nowhere near as good as Gaiman's written in comic form and probably not as good as Gaiman probably imagines it is either.

Gaiman's problem is that he's a brilliant comic writer, but somehow he's never really managed to get it together, get the magic he gives to a comic page onto the prose page.

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