Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How many fridge freezers can one tower block replace in a bloody month?

On the way to Molly's school we pass through a not very nice tower block housing estate. Outside one of them is a little patch of land that seems to have one purpose:
it breeds dumped rubbish.

Every few days as I'm driving by I'll notice something else added to the pile, a TV, sofa, bin bags and with staggering frequency; fridge freezers.
And every so often the pile will disappear, dragged away by some pissed off council worker wasting more of our money with his every breath.

This week, Molly and I took it to a new level, it became a game. Friday, It was clear in the morning when I drove her to school. By home time, in some miraculous virgin white-goods birth, there was a fridge freezer.
Monday morning, following some asexual fridge splitting, where once was one, now we have two fridge freezers. Obviously having run out of fridge freezers, the residents next decided to put out a sofa.

Tomorrow, who knows. I think we're on for another fridge freezer. But Molly has raised it to a new level and says big TV.

Of course, what I want to know is this...... How many bloody new fridge freezers can one small tower block get through in a year? Currently I reckon we're on about 1 new f/f per flat per year judged on what they're throwing out. How?
Or more importantly, where the hell are they getting the money for this?
And how much does it piss me off that I'm expected to pay for them to dump it outside by funding the disgruntled council worker who will eventually lug all the dumped item onto a flatbed truck and take it to the dump?

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