Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New X-Men - Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely

Modern superhero perfection. Super smart. Ultra hip.
Written in Morrison’s unique style, clipped sentences, strange rhythms, scenes shifting constantly. As a simple Marvel book, it’s a revelation. Ideas, always in plentiful supply in Morrison’s head, simply fall out onto the page, whether it’s huge blockbuster effects, fear & bigotry, a look at corporate politics or simple human lives everything is given a spark that’s been lacking in big super comics lately. Emma Frost’s introduction as the (dominatrix) teacher is a masterstroke, highlighting the sexual tension that has always surrounded the leather-clad mutant boys & girls, & delivering many of the best lines:

"I propose we spend today’s telepathy period hacking into the minds of some of our favourite screen idols. A gold star to the first girl to discover the awful truth about Tom and Nicole."

Morrison spectacularly succeeds in creating a super-cool, both feet in the future comic book. Like an infectious dance beat floating off a sound system, this one just can’t be stopped, the urge to read & enjoy is too strong.

And with the recent publication of the huge and possibly deadly in the wrong hands New X-Men Omnibus I think it's time to acknowledge just how good the series is. & just in case you were wondering, it would make a lovely Christmas present for me thanks very much.

And to end on; who noticed the beautiful design touch on the logo? Has Morrison introduced a magical super-sigil, (turn the book upside down & you’ll get it).
Grant Morrison, all this & magical energy to spare.

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