Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Normality returns - at least for Molly

Yesterday was Molly's first day at her new school.
She was excited, she was scared, she was bloody brilliant.

We got her ready in her lovely new uniform, emblazoned with the school crest at considerable cost to us. She's at one of those schools where everything is available from the school with the school crest on, tops, cardigans, coats, pe kit, the lot. And of course it's much more expensive than just popping into M&S for the basics.
But we had to get it, because the last thing she wanted to be on her first morning was the new girl who doesn't sound like anyone else dressed in the weird clothes.

We obviously had a few nerves beforehand (us & her), but we walked the 12 minute journey to school from the house. 12 minutes! fantastic. (Haven't used the car since Saturday, it's great).
& then we had a few tears when we were talking to the headmistress but these didn't last too long and she went off to her class.

We wandered, shellshocked, back to the house. Spent the entire day worrying about her and how she was getting on.

Of course, we needn't have worried. She had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed today as well. Normality is settling in slowly in Bruton mansions v2.

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