Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Orbiter - Warren Ellis & Colleen Doran

I'm a sucker for epic sci-fi: 2001, The Right Stuff, Close Encounters, Contact; all favourites. And Orbiter is a huge slice of epic sci-fi, the best in comics since the wonderful 2001 Nights manga.

Warren Ellis & Colleen Doran are obviously huge spaceheads. Their sheer love of space investigation permeates the book from start to finish. It’s the feeling that you got when you saw Apollo footage for the first time or when they took you into the school hall to watch the first shuttle flight. It’s something many of us feel; a sense of awe & wonder at the scale of the place, a deep, burning desire to know what it’s like out there.

Warren Ellis & Colleen Doran have created a true labour of love here with their tale of a lost shuttle returning, years late, to a world made small by a lack of dreams. Beautiful artwork supports an epic, majestic tale that has only been made more poignant, more important by the Columbia explosion.

"This is a book about returning to space in the face of fear & adversity. It's a book about glory. About going back to space, because it's waiting for us, & it's where we're meant to be"
-Warren Ellis from his introduction-

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