Sunday, October 15, 2006

This last week, a quick catch up.....

Well, obviously the last week has been a bit of a blur really.
Everything seemed to accelerate and it was the weblogging that went out of the window.

So time for a quick recap....

Last Sunday my dear computer decided to pack up on me. It suddenly turned off and decided not to switch back on again. Not matter how much I hit it, begged it and talked nicely to it.
Normally this wouldn't have been that much of a problem, as I'm a bugger for backing up the data regularly. But in my panic and stressed out state I thought the hard disk back up had broken as well.
(It hadn't, I am an idiot for forgetting that you need to plug it into the mains AND a working computer to get it to work.)
So it was a mad phone call to the PC World helpline and a technician booked to come round on the Tuesday.

In the mean time Monday night was the official Nostalgia & Comics leaving do.
Tuesday I got the computer sorted and then it was out to get drunk again with the official school leaving do.
Friday was last day at school.
Saturday we took Molly in to see Cat & Leah (Molly's ex-dance teacher) for a hot chocolate and goodbyes. Then I sneaked off Saturday night for a last drink with Nostalgia at the wellington (for a while anyway).

We finally started packing properly on Friday night and have been working very, very hard to get as much done as possible.
Luckily we've been clearing out loads of stuff over the past few months and we're pretty organised now.
So Friday we got the office, bedroom and lounge done. Saturday we got Molly's room done and today we finished with the Kitchen, cellar and attic (we did have the advantage that Molly was out at the cinema with one of her friends which made it much easier to get stuff sorted).
So we're now living in a house full of boxes, but we're done and all we've got to do now is take a few things to the dump and make loads of phone calls to change our address details.

We're really just waiting now for the manic bit on Wednesday when the removal company come round to load the house up and then it's off to Pocklington on Thursday.
Scary but exciting at the same time.

House Move - Yorkshire 2006

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