Sunday, October 01, 2006

yet another Yorkshire post..... Pocklington

Okay, after this I promise I'll leave it for a while and blog about something else, but one last Yorkshire post first.

The problem is that our entire life seems to revolve around moving house at the moment.
But we're now in that lull period between finding the house and deciding to move and actually doing it. Everything's in place, all the people are doing what we need them to do and we're as ready as we can be.
So now, for the first time in what seems like weeks, we can relax slightly.
Which is a problem, because it just doesn't seem right to actually relax at this stage, surely there's stuff we should be doing?
But the simple answer is no, there's nothing we can do at this stage except wait and keep in contact with the solicitor and estate agent.
We can't even start doing all the change of address stuff because we haven't got a definite date through yet.

So we wait, and wait.
I'm absolutely no good at waiting. I have no patience at all. well, not quite true, I have the patience of a 4 year old.

One thing I haven't talked much about yet is the town of Pocklington itself.
It's everything we were looking for really. It's a town, but feels like a village, very quiet, peaceful.
There are only a couple of streets in town itself, all with lots of independent shops. In fact the only name stores are the estate agents, banks and a few charity shops. There's a local Somerfield and a Sainsburys moving in soon to the outskirts.

Everything else is an independent. We've got a couple of greengrocers, fishmonger, butchers, general stores, hardware, newsagent, various boutiques and craft stores, jewellers and much more. Exactly what I wanted really. an escape from big business. If we want anything else, York's only 13 miles away and there's even a comic shop there.

Basically, the thing we liked most about it when we walked through was the real feeling that it was a step back in time to a simpler age.

Once out of the town centre, any direction, about five minutes on foot, you hit the lovely countryside of the Yorkshire wolds. And further on to the north is the Yorkshire Moors.

Once we get up there I shall no doubt bore you all senseless by posting loads of photos, but for now, trust me, it's perfect.

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