Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You don't miss it till it's gone eh?

Okay, quick post before going out on another leaving do....

Thankfully, as you will see, the bloody computer is back online and working.

Sunday afternoon, it suddenly turns off and refuses to turn back on again.
Now normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I need the bloody thing at the moment.
Little things like transferring huge wads of money between accounts to buy a bloody house, that sort of thing.
This was not the best time for the power supply to fail on me. (& for all I knew, the motherboard and hard disk as well)
Added to this, I thought the external hard drive had broken as well.

(Okay, I will admit - that was because of the panic that I'd just lost all my data and the back-up. I forgot that you need to have the thing plugged into the mains and have the computer on for it to work. Stupid me.)

So I finally got it fixed today.
And in a wonderful little bit of synchronicity, I opened the door, only to see Jeff, one of the ex-staff at Nostalgia, who I was out drinking with for my leaving do last night.
So thanks Jeff.

& thanks to all who came last night and all those who sent their regards.
More on the leaving do later in the week, have to get ready for the school one tonight.

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