Wednesday, November 22, 2006

£3...... for a tea towel?

Christmas is coming up fast at Bruton mansions.
More importantly this means that my Mom's birthday is barely a couple of weeks away. Now my mother is one of the most difficult people in the world to buy for.

This year I thought I'd finally cracked it. Much to my amazement Mom mentioned a while ago that she just couldn't get her particular type of tea towel anymore. She has to have Lamont tea towels it seems. Why only Lamont I have no idea. It seems they're the type she's always had and nothing else works as well.
Personally I think it's insane. Tea towels are tea towels are tea towels as far as I can see. We tend to pick up a set of Tesco value or get 3 for a £1 off the local market.

But I thought it would make an ideal present for her. So I got online and the only shop I could find that sold them charged £3 (Three quid) for just 1 tea towel. & they want £6 p&p on top of that as well. As far as I know they don't wash up and dry themselves, but for that price I'd expect it.

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