Friday, November 24, 2006

And this was my day....

Did the usual morning routine:
Up, Molly up already, downstairs watching cBBC (oh the joy of digital).
Breakfast, wash, dress, shave?
8:45 out to school. 8:50 drop Molly off at school.
Back home, drop couple of letters at post office, nip to cashpoint, back home.
Sit down and have that lovely first proper cup of coffee.
Upstairs and onto the computer to have a look at the council job sites. Apply for 3 jobs online and send off for details about another couple.
Reassure myself about the other jobs I've applied for and haven't heard back from by realising that the majority of them haven't even reached their closing dates yet.
Morning coffee.
More work (and some messing around with weblog),
Lunch and then out to computer course.
2 meaningless hours that could have been condensed into less than 30 minutes (including coffee) later.... off to pick Molly up.
Get home.
Watch Horrid Henry, Have tea.
Decamp upstairs to play schools with her ever increasing cuddly toy army.
Louise home, take break from schools.
Molly bath & bed. My night tonight, nearly fall asleep on her floor.
Then nearly fall asleep in front of TV.
Mom phones. She's having panic about Christmas. Which is still 4 bloody weeks away.

Seems so bitty and tedious when you break it down like that, but in actual fact it was a really lovely day. The sun was out, Molly was lovely, Coffee was just right. That sort of thing.

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