Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Boris Johnson - the buffoon that tells the truth?

Come off it, folks: how many paedophiles can there be ?

And this, ladies & Gentlemen, is exactly why I really admire Boris. For all his bluff, all his upper class twot-ery, all his silliness and bluster, underneath it all lurks a high intellect.
Not only that, but he's also a politician not afraid to speak his mind. Sure, half of the time that gets him into trouble, but I'd rather have that than a Blair-ised version of reality any day.

The article in question is on the subject on why men with children are now viewed with ridiculous suspicion and how in this

"institutionalised prejudice ..... against an adult male, you see one of the
prime causes of this country's tragic under-achievement in schools."

And he's absolutely right. I've worked in schools long enough to see that. Even more, being a school gates dad and having an affinity with younger children as I do, I've felt this particular prejudice as well. It's ridiculous and it's damaging.

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