Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Comics Show - Birmingham Comic Convention

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Comics Come Home...
Pictured History in the Making at Birmingham

From Paul Birch:

Back in the swinging sixties comics came out weekly costing less than sixpence - Roy of the Rovers, Dennis the Menace and The Spider, drawn by Birmingham's very own Reginald Bunn. There was Batman was on the telly and the adventures of Spider-Man and his cape-flowing friends got sent over in dazzling four-colour print as ballast on ships... and kids bought comics by the go-kart load, but unlike before, as they grew up, they didn't stop.

In 1968 some youths of the time had a typically off-the-wall Brummie take on the love-ins and crazy happenings that were the current rave. They wanted to celebrate their love of comics and so they put together the first ever UK comics convention.

Fans came out of the woodwork, second hand book dealers did deals with those trading in comics and some guys who were working in the comic book industry itself happened to find time to pop along. Fashions and ideas change but this wasn't a one-off novelty. As the years went by the country's capital city, London subsequently took the reins and produced lavish annual events, the buzz spread Glasgow wanted in. It branched out here, there and everywhere; Bristol, Brighton, Manchester and the Birmingham Comic Art Shows followed. Each city giving a little of itself.

Now, the city that started it all is back again, pulling no punches and waving flags, proudly celebrating its heritage at the Birmingham International Comics Show to be held at The Custard Factory on the 9-10th December.

Comics entertain first and foremost. They also chronicle the social and cultural times they were created in. Comics from decades gone by along with those of the future on the Internet can be seen, revered and purchased all weekend at the show. That is why everyone is invited to become a part of history by joining the many famous writers and artists from around the world that will be attending this fantastic and important event. Don't miss out!

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Yes, I leave the city and you lot decide to have a comic convention again.
Not fair.

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