Thursday, November 09, 2006

Computer Course Week 1

Today was the first day of my computer course.

The only reason I'm doing this course; the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is so I can put it onto the CV to show prospective employers I can do all the things I can do with computers.

When I booked it up I explained to the tutor that I had no need to do the course, just the exam modules. I didn't want to spend 36 weeks doing it. She was fine with that (she gets paid either way).
So how come today, the most productive thing I did was to download the latest AVG anti-virus program and the I-tunes updates?

(As an aside - we still don't have broadband. For some reason I've never gotten round to it. I know, I know, it's ridiculous that I'm still on dial up. But for the last 6 months with the idea of moving I couldn't be bothered setting it up and having to move it. And now I haven't got time to do it either. Eventually I will do it.
Anyway, one thing I definitely need broadband for is downloading updates. The anti-virus was 32Mb. Nothing for broadband but practically impossible for dial up without losing a connection.
I used to download them from the school Internet connection whenever I was fixing the laptops. But now I am broadband-less or at least I only have it on a Thursday afternoon)

Back to the course.
It's an adult ed class. Mixed ability. Novice granddad through the secretaries trying to better themselves and then me. Bored little me.

I got in. Sat there for 15 minutes.
Chatted to the woman next to me. Asked her for the password to get onto the system.
Have a guess..........
Yep. Password.
Check out some websites, have a look at the news.
(Oh joy. Interest rates are up. Good job we've raided our savings for this bigger mortgage then)
Furtively stick the USB stick in the port on the back and start downloading.

25 minutes in. Have looked at one of the course books.
Realise that all I need to do is remember how to Mail merge and have a quick refresher on PowerPoint and I'm sorted.

30 minutes in. She calls us all to the board to go through the introductory stuff for this module. Says she thinks I might want to see it. I naturally think it might be something on the style of questions to expect. That sort of thing.
But no.
It's a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation on computer hardware and software.
Thanks for that.
She's stood there explaining to the secretaries what an input device and output device is.

By the end of the session, I had had a quick word and found out that she had to sort out some practice modules for me and if the logbook arrives this week I can get started on the tests.
36 week course?
May be finished by Christmas.

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