Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sometimes you can just be too clever.....

Tonight has passed by in a blur of weblog alterations.
Dave at Nostalgia emailed me yesterday with news that he couldn't see any posts on the weblog. Which was weird because everything looked okay on my screen. I emptied the cache and checked again. All was fine. But Dave also said that Debbie had tried at work and no luck there either.
So I ended up popping to Pocklington library to check on their machines - yep, total white out.

After a bit of tinkering and distance tutoring of dad to tell me if the changes I had made had worked, I realised that the oh so clever alterations I'd made the other day to the weblog had completely buggered it up.
See, I thought I'd be oh so clever and put three columns on the screen instead of two. I wanted the screen to look like:

Sidebar : Posts : Sidebar 2

Where the sidebar contained all my links and other stuff and sidebar 2 contained my ads and amazon associates links.
I found the code online and put it into place. Clever little me messed around with all the settings, created new page coding and sat back and felt awfully smug about it all.

Until tonight. I have just spent two hours changing it back. So much for my genius level skills. Pah.

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