Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring

The Colour of Spring: Remastered
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I came back to this cd after years of not listening to it. And all because I heard a few seconds from Life's What You Make It on a TV ad somewhere.
It brought back all the feelings I had when I first got the album years and years ago
(1986, bloody hell).

It's one of the most emotional, most depressing and yet most uplifting cds I've heard.
I realise that may sound strange to some, but I trust some of you know what I mean. That feeling you can get from some truly great albums where, although the songs may be enough to bring you to tears, the emotional power in them brings you out of your down mood and reinvigorates you to face your problems. (Or is that just me?).

It soars and swells and drags you along. It's a magnificent album, packed with emotional intensity and a million miles away from their earlier work. (No cheesy 80s synth work here). It's a wonderful break up cd as well, and as such it did serve me well - I spent hours as a young thing crying along to it whilst singing every word.
Yet, through the tears there's always a sense of joy. Magnificent.

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