Thursday, November 30, 2006

Today - my life as a disaster movie
or some difficult theatre of the absurd thing decide

Woke up as normal, took Molly to school as normal.
Builder bloke came round (see post).
Then got ready to go out. Today I was going to York college to see about getting onto a course for either childcare or teaching assistants. Thought I might as well do it right and put proper trousers, jacket and shirt on (no, not a tie, why the hell would I do that? Grandad shirts for weddings (including my own), funerals and job interviews have served me well, why would I wear a tie now?).
Also put the good shoes on.

Then drove to York.
Popped into the Tesco immediately next to York College to pick up stuff.
Walked over the road and started to wonder what was stuck to my left heel. The shoe just didn't feel right.
Unfortunately, nothing was stuck to the heel. But then again, the heel wasn't stuck to the shoe either. Arse.
So, looking like the best dressed tramp in the world not being the image I wanted, I decided to rely on the old "plumbing emergency" excuse and drove home.

Got home in time to head out the door for the computer course.
Rushed round, got everything ready, picked up all my stuff, slipped on my trusty heel in the right place (bottom of the shoe, towards the rear) converse and left the house, shut the door and reached into my pocket for my keys.
Which, I immediately realised, were sitting exactly where I left them - on the coffee table.

So, heel breaks, no interview, locked out of the house.
But surprisingly to many of you who know me, I actually smiled at this. Haven't I changed? Old me may well have started kicking the front door, but I just spent a pleasant walk up to the computer course smiling to myself at the insanity of the day.

Then computers was just silly. Three practice tests and three actual module tests done in an hour (and that includes the sitting around waiting for the tutor to check everything is okay in between times). According to the tutor, that's a record. One week left, two modules to go. No problem.

Then Molly and I amused ourselves round Pocklington for an hour and a half waiting for Lou to come home and let us in the house.
Tomorrow, I go shoe shopping. Probably a good thing, interviews in converse not the best impression i think.

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