Thursday, December 14, 2006

Alan Moore in Arthur magazine

Alan Moore interviewed in Arthur magazine. link. (via)

Update 15/12/06 01:01
like Pete says in the comments, it's not an Alan Moore interview, it's a piece by the man on Pornography through the ages.
Typical, my blogging inspiration finally comments on my blog and it's a bloody correction. Ho hum. Hi Pete.
For those of you who don't know Pete Ashton has been at this game a lot longer than most of us and you should all pop over to and say hello


  1. It's actually a very long article BY Moore on porn throughout the ages and you can download the whole magazine from here in three parts

    I, of course, ordered the physical thing before I realised this.

    (tried to say congrats on the job front the other day but Blogger wouldn't let me comment for some reason. let's see if this works...)

  2. Cheers Pete.

    Now you've commented on something I strangely feel that I've "arrived" in a blogging sense.