Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Tree problems.....

Forgot to blog this at the time, but better late than never.
Years ago, when we lived at Brookfield Road in Birmingham we had a problem with the tree. It just wouldn't fit anywhere in the lounge except the very small space between the armchair and the bookcase. Anywhere else and it would completely dominate a very small room.

Our solution to this was elegant and simple. We got ourselves a 6 foot slimline tree with the special hook on branches. Then we simply didn't put any branches on the back of the tree so we could push it against the wall. This worked perfectly and we had a stunning tree that was perfectly sized and placed for the room.

Of course, me being me, last year I suggested that, since we didn't use the excess branches we should just throw them away. That way, reasoned my insanely tidy mind, we could put the tree and all the decorations into the tree box. Nice, tidy, neat solution and saves on storage space.
Again, not a problem.

Until this year.
This year we have a much bigger lounge and the ideal place for the tree to be would be right in front of the window.

(Some of you have already worked this one out, very good, now keep quiet until I get to the finish, you'll just spoil it for the others).

This was a great idea up to the point where we got the tree down from the attic and realised we'd only got half of it. Needless to say, it's not in front of the window, it's been pushed unceremoniously against the bookcase. Next year, we get a new tree.

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