Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Job update - against all my best intentions it appears I am now employed...

Two interviews today,
First was at a secondary school in York. Lovely place but just 16 hours a week and completely the wrong sort of hours. We'd have had to put Molly into after school club so I'd have been effectively working at least one day just to pay for that, she'd not have been as happy and nor would I. It's going to have to be a very good job to stop me taking her to or picking her up from school!
Anyway, think I got it. They were going to ring this afternoon but I was at the second interview...

Second interview - this was for the ICT technician at a local primary school just 10 minutes down the road. I think I read it right when I applied for it and during the interview that they were more interested in getting someone in who would rather work with the children to do ICT than someone who knew everything there is to know about ICT.
(Of course, how long they'll stick to this plan when the network goes down is another thing.)

It's a lovely school, about 30 computers all in all. Temporary till July 2007 to cover maternity leave.
And they gave it to little old me.
I start in January.

Anybody know anything about networks or know any good books to get?

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