Saturday, December 30, 2006

Post Christmas funk.....

Always happens, get Christmas over with and I fall into a horrible post Christmas, end of year funk. I've never enjoyed New Year. I don't like going out at New Year and find the endless mass of drunken, stupid people a pain.
(not that we're going out this year. Just slightly short of baby-sitters for a start)

It's the end of year feeling I don't like, that time of appraising the year and finding that another year has passed by without achieving many of the things I set out to do.

Added to that is the feeling of trepidation and outright fear attached to starting a new job on the 3rd January. It's not the wrking with primary children teaching them about ICT that scares me, it's the certain knowledge that the bloody networks going to go arsey on the second or third day that terrifies me. Better get around to reading that Networking for Dummies book really.

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