Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Countdown to employment.....

Had a lovely day today, thanks for asking.
Louise back at work so Molly and I spent the morning playing. Which, at the moment, means her spending ages organising her cuddly toys into complicated classes and instructing them in various bizarre activities using the sort of logic only someone under the age of 10 (or certifiably insane) can truly appreciate.
Today we had her favourite current 14 toys in class making special Christmas presents for their parents. The presents, sitting completed but out of sight of the"children", were 14 of her not so favourite cuddly toys. She carefully got them to come up to the table 2 at a time and make their presents. Bonkers. Lovely, but bonkers.

After that we headed off to see the Santa Claus 3, the latest in Disney's continuing appropriation of the magic of Christmas. This one ironically enough, although I imagine the irony was lost on anyone involved in the making of it, dealt with Jack Frost appropriating the magic of Christmas to try and make a fast buck off it. All very standard fare but entertaining enough once you get over the saccharine and irony.

And now it's night-time, looking at just a few hours before bed and then a few hours till I start work. Now I know this may not be something many readers are likely to sympathise with me over, but I've written before about how difficult it was to go back to school after the 6 week summer holidays. I left work on the 19th October so that's nearly 3 bloody months off. It's really crap trying to muster up any enthusiasm about getting up tomorrow morning to go out the door to a paid employment.

Oh, and it's my birthday as well tomorrow.
Please send cards, sympathies and ideas for "what Richard can do instead of a job to bring in a moderate but not necessarily excessive wage whilst still being able to be a full-time dad and have loads of spare time" to the weblog.


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