Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lexmark printers? spawn of the devil.

In a school which uses nothing but Epson (cheap cartridges it seems) we have a single Lexmark all-in-one printer. And it's a bastard.
Tried to install it the other week on a stand alone office printer and it just refused, point blank to play along. It worked fine, but the computer just refused to recognise it and kept flashing up a error message. Unfortunately it was an emergency install to replace a broken Epson so the secretary had to put up with a continuous message.

Today I tried to install it onto the network on the network spur in the Foundation area of the school. The printer installed fine on the Win XP machine there, and I even figured out the best way to share it on the network. But we've three WinME machines in there (I know, ridiculous isn't it?) which just don't like the setup program at all. What was meant to be a quick half hour job turned into all bloody afternoon.

Aside from that, the day was fine. But after having Samsung, Epson and HP printers, I can honestly say that the only way I'd have a Lexmark in the house was if you actually gave me one.
Unfortunately I've got to go back in tomorrow and continue my titanic struggle with it. Unless it somehow manages to completely malfunction in the morning. I've left it right on the edge of a desk, all it needs is the right teacher to come along.

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