Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Steve Reich - Drumming

Drumming: 2cd Set
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Last time I mentioned Steve Reich was after watching the South Bank Show profile (here). What with Christmas and everything else going on it's taken me until now to follow up my promise of getting some of his stuff.

First cd - Drumming.

I started writing this after listening to it for 4 hours straight and just found myself incapable of getting over how wonderful it was, so here are the notes I made on the first listen:

Steve Reich
Minimalist purity
Hypnotic effect
Simple rhythm played on bongos, merimba, xylophone, piccolo and voice, all contributing to a hypnotic listening experience.

In addition to that, let me just add that his music makes me feel much the same as when I first really listened to Kraftwerk. It's that good.
However, it's not going down too well with the rest of the family. Screams and abuse from Louise and Molly at continuous plays of the cd are becomming a regular thing.
They're not going to be too pleased with the box set I intend buying soon then. Ooops.

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