Monday, February 05, 2007

Beatles @ #1 for the next year?

Following the Beatles Apple corp settlement with Apple Computers over the use of the name, could we finally see the fab four finding their way onto I-tunes? (look here & here).

Is it just me or does anyone else think that it might be possible to see the Beatles at the top of the singles chart every week for the next year? Following the changing of the rules regarding download eligibility for the charts I definitely think it could be if the Beatles carefully plan their releases.

Think about it. If a single Beatles album is released each month onto I-tunes, I'm willing to bet that certain tracks will get enough downloads to get high into the charts. Add in some marketing and advertising and the number 1 is almost guaranteed.
Repeat next month with the next album.
Repeat and repeat.

And why should it stop there?

How about starting a campaign to get a real Christmas #1 again. Are you as fed up with the Christmas number 1 going to whatever Simon bloody Cowell decides it will be this year?

Well with the download chart we can do something about it.
How about we make Slade #1 for 2007, The Pogues & Kirsty McColl 2008, The Waitresses 2009?

Just an idea.....

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