Sunday, February 04, 2007

Birmingham attitudes in a small market town.....

Coming home the other day I found that I couldn't park on the drive.
Some moron had parked right across the front of it.

But on getting out of the car and looking again I found the trouble radar started going off. This was something I was very good at in Birmingham, particularly on our estate. I could always spot an dodgy car or an abandoned car and always seemed to know when something was up.
And I found myself thinking that this was the case here. Closer inspection only seemed to back me up. There was glass on the road by the car, the car had obviously been in a bump, the driver had obviously scarpered in a hurry, doors were open, stuff strewn across the seats and it was parked badly. Classic dump and run.

Just as I started to get really down and went to find the police number, I spotted a bloke walking back our way, documents in hand. He went to the car, saw me looking and instantly started apologising, explaining he'd been in a bump and had been sorting out insurance stuff. Sorry about leaving the car there etc etc.
A thoroughly nice chap, obviously a bit shaken from the bump and pissed off at having to go to the expense and trouble of getting it fixed, just like I would be in his situation.

I really shouldn't be so quick to apply those Birmingham instincts to Pocklington should I?

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