Saturday, February 03, 2007

Grant Morrison: Arthur interview finally online....

A long time ago, Grant Morrison appeared in Arthur magazine and did his usual interview thing of being an incredibly literate, interesting and thoroughly strange yet delightfully nice person.

The interview is here.
But what struck me as I was reading it again was the enormous amount of stuff that Morrison has done/planned/partially completed that we've not seen:
Pop Magic - his book on magic. (first two parts here.)
The Invisibles TV series (scripts here).
the if - his novel, still uncompleted.
Lovely Biscuits - his book of play scripts and short stories, long out of print.
Various musical projects (details here).
Screenplays - he mentions one called Sleepless Knights.
Indestructible Man?
Marvel Boy series 2 (&3?)
And then there's the series that have come out that we can no longer get our hands on: Zenith, Big Dave, Flex Mentallo, New Adventures of Hitler, Bible John and the rest....
Maybe one day?

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