Thursday, February 01, 2007

Having an off and on stressful week......

Stress, no stress, stress, no stress.
That's the way this week seems to be panning out.
Still not getting enough bloody sleep, which probably doesn't help. Still spending far too much time sat here at the computer and that really isn't good for my back.
(But then again, life isn't much good for my bloody back either.)

Week at work has been pretty good. Lots of working with the kids.
I've got an emailing lesson sorted for next week, just finished the worksheets for that one.
Today we had a science / ict lesson with year 4 on solids & liquids. Myself and the TA delivering it to two groups. In the end we had a quick recap quiz with me making it up as I went along. Although it did lead to the first BIG question to go on the ict whiteboard for someone in the school to puzzle over.....

What is Ketchup ??????
(And before you comment, I've already had lots of folks telling me it's red sauce that you put on chips) What we want to know is whether it's solid or liquid or both or neither.

Of course, a quick Google search shows me that it's actually a Thixotropic Colloidal Suspension (or even better, an ooze, gloop & most wonderfully of all - an oobleck after Dr Seuss' tale of Bartholomew and the Ooblek).
See here, here, here, here

But still in the back of my mind is the fact that no matter how good I am, no matter how much fun I have, no matter what I do, the job's only mine till the end of July. Bah.

Aside from that, just the everyday stresses of being me, trying to get too much done as usual.
But somehow never getting around to doing the stuff I really want to......
Always tomorrow I suppose....

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