Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Alan Moore goodies.....

As part of an ongoing immersion into all things Alan Moore at the moment, due to reviewing the Disease of Language book and his audio cds.I found myself at work today having a bit of a google hunt on and found loads and loads of really fantastic Alan Moore resources.
I wasn't even necessarily slacking. One of the teachers had asked if I could scan in a load of SATs papers so I sat there and scanned, swapped papers, saved scans, googled, scanned, swapped papers, saved scans, googled for a couple of hours. Very nice relaxing day.

So now I've been listening to Alan Moore interviews for the last 2 hours with more to come.

Fanboy Radio interview - link, download

I'm ready for my Podcast - Alan Moore part 1: download here
I'm ready for my Podcast - Alan Moore part 2: download here
I'm ready for my Podcast - Alan Moore part 3: download here
(loads of stuff here, dealing from early work through to Lost Girls and lots and lots of creative theory and Magic).
Thank you to I'm Ready For My Podcast for these.

Lots of Alan Moore free resources here as well.
Most of them need the free Comic Book Reader software - download here
(I won't go into the way I really hate to read comics this way, but sometimes it's the only way


  1. Hi:)
    Thanks for the comment to my blog ( I always like getting those)
    Thought Id reply as a comment in your blog since I dont think I have your e-mail adress , not written down anyway)
    I think Im doing alittle better now, the house problems are hopefully getting sorted now and Im slowly veeery sllllooooooowly getting used to the island ! It really is a total cultre shock actually liveing here not just visiting! Father Ted oand Hot Fuzz moments are really quite common!
    Thankyo for your concern it really genuinly means alot to me:)
    IM doing abit better now , I think! I hope ! :)
    Its still soo wierd not being at the shop on new comics day though!! and haveing to wait till friday for my Dad to post them to me garunteed next day delivery!
    I totally and utterly in every way understand the need for N&C carepackages! I will take alook at those books you mentioned:)

    Deffinatley talk soon and take care:)

  2. Hi,

    just came across your blog - thanks for linking to mine! For what it's worth, Nostalgia & Comics is my favourite comic shop in the country...