Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dear Michael Turner..... No.

This image of JLA 10's cover has been everywhere online. So I'm not going to bother posting the image, just the link. (via and dirk at journalista)

Someone just needs to put this man out of his misery. It's just so very, very wrong. Not just the artwork, the basic grasp of anatomy, the ability to keep peddling this shit, but the very idea that someone at DC in editorial looked at it and went; "That's fine, let it run".


  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    The man has Cancer again !!! cut him some slack.

  2. ok, so I stole the image for my site as well, but, hey, if they didn't want it out there, it wouldn't have been posted. They want the publicity, this just may not be the publicity that they were looking for.

    without bringing in his medical condition, i think that it's poor art and agree that I wish dc didn't run it.

  3. I'm really sorry he's got cancer again,
    But unless Turner has a cancer of the brain that somehow affects his visual perception the criticism is more than valid.
    It's still a hideously bad, hideaousely mysoginistic image.
    Don't try and defend it by telling me he's ill. That's just trying to deflect the valid criticism.

  4. i think it can dangerous is the climate we live in to promote these kinds of images of (women especially)...