Saturday, March 31, 2007

Holidays and good news......

Easter holidays are here. Yeah!
For the first time in a long, long time I didn't want to run screaming with happiness out into the world at the thought of not haing to turn up at school next week.
I'm loving my job and will genuinely miss not being there next week. (But don't worry, I think I'll be able to enjoy the holiday anyway).

My good news is that I'm definitely working there until end of December now rather than finishing in July.
The lady I'm covering for maternity leave has decided to extend her leave. Which is absolutely wonderful.

I had been absolutely dreading next term, trying to decide what I was going to do, whether to try to get more work or spend some unemployed time and get qualified as a TA.
I went in to see the head to ask her what was going on about it last week and we had a chat about how much I'm enjoying it. She seems pretty happy with me and I think (hope) that if she has the chance to, she'll keep me on permanantly. Which would suit me down to the ground. I could quite happily do this till I'm ready to retire. (scary words those - but even more scary - only 30 years to go!)

There's even the possibility that the maternity woman may only come back part time and I could work part time at this school and be farmed out to work as both ICT tech and TA at other local schools. Or (I think I'm right in readin git this way) I may be able to work as part time ICTtech and part time TA at the current school.
But that's for the future.
The important thing now is that next term has less pressure. I still want to look into getting a Teaching Assistant qualification and will be talking to the TAs about it (and "borrowing" their evidence portfolios - it seems a lot of the course consists of the usual bollocks of collecting evidence).
Of course the other good thing about this is that if I'm employed until December I get payed for August. A months paycheque for being on holiday. That's a lovely feeling.

So I spent most of this week getting stuff tohgether to plan the rest of the term and can now actually think a little longer term and get some planning done as well.
Wonderful, wonderful news.

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